Frequently Asked Questions About MAP

How are students selected for the program?
Students are selected on the basis of an application, audition, and interview. The most important factors are the results of the student's audition and his or her commitment to serious musical study.

Can a student apply for MAP if they have never played an instrument?
No. MAP offers courses for students who play at an intermediate to advanced level only. Applicants must have played their instrument for at least two years in order to apply.*

*Students auditioning on violin or cello must have played for at least three years.

Do students have to attend an N.Y.C. public school or live in N.Y.C. to apply to MAP?
No. Any student who resides in the tristate area (NY, NJ, CT) who has played their instrument for at least two years may apply to MAP. Applicants may attend any type of school, including public, private, charter, independent, or home schools.

Is there an age limit?
Yes. Students must be 8 to 17 years old at the time of their audition (entering 3rd through 12th grade in the fall of the academic year for which they are applying).

What instruments/concentrations does MAP offer?
MAP offers concentrations in most instruments of the band and orchestra, as well as composition. If you do not see your child's instrument listed on the Application for Admission, please contact the MAP office at [email protected] before applying. NOTE: MAP does not accept applications from pianists except those applying for composition. MAP does not offer a concentration in Voice.

Can students apply for more than one concentration?

Do you have to own an instrument to be in MAP?
No. If students do not have access to an instrument, they may borrow an instrument (except piano) through MAP for the duration of their enrollment in the program.

How much does MAP cost?
For information on tuition, financial aid, and fees, please visit the Tuition & Financial Aid page.

Is financial aid available?
Yes, based on a family's income, significant financial aid is available to those who qualify. Families should not let cost stand in the way of applying for MAP. Following auditions, the Application for Financial Aid will be provided to families who are invited to a callback. In order to be considered for financial aid, the applicant must submit an Application for Financial Aid and copies of all required financial documents (tax form 1040 and proof of public assistance, if applicable).

When are classes held?
MAP takes place every Saturday of the academic year (September through May), 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., except on some major holidays/school breaks.

Once a student enrolls in MAP, is there a limit to how long he or she can participate in the program?
Yes. Once admitted to the program, students may participate in MAP for up to four years or through their senior year of high school, whichever comes first. However, re-admission each year is not automatic. A student's eligibility to continue in the program the following year is determined by the student's annual jury examination (similar to an audition), the commitment the student has demonstrated to his or her studies at MAP, overall progress in the program, and the faculty and administration's recommendations.

Does participation in MAP guarantee a student's admission to the Juilliard Pre-College program?
No. MAP students who wish to continue their studies in Juilliard's Pre-College Division must apply and audition through the regular Pre-College admissions process.

Can an applicant apply for both MAP and Pre-College?
Yes. Applicants who wish to be considered for MAP as well as Pre-College must complete separate applications and auditions for each program. For more information about Pre-College admissions and audition requirements, click here.

Are MAP performances open to the public?
Yes. Please view the Juilliard Performance Calendar and select "Preparatory Education" from the Performance Type drop-down menu. Admission to all MAP performances is free.

What is the CLIMB program?
Combining Literacy Instruction with Musical Beginnings (CLIMB) provides two-hour classes at Juilliard each Saturday for siblings, ages 4-10, of MAP students. Teachers stress phonics and reading comprehension and provide a fun introduction to classical music and the arts using music vocabulary and hands-on activities. Families whose students are admitted to MAP may enroll siblings in CLIMB at the start of each semester. This program is offered to MAP families free-of-charge.

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